businessimg1-74JFIJAThe founders of the company maintain a wide range of network inside Nepal and beyond to meet the requirement of recruitment agencies across the globe.

They draw their experience from a wide variety of areas. Some have years of experience in the travel trade industry and manpower/recruiting agency while others have extensively worked at the grassroots serving the local government at the village level.

The diversity contributes in helping Nepali job seekers make the right career choice, and assist prospective employer by bringing the required talent at their disposal. This task of integration is achieved through the professionalism and expertise that the company upholds.

As such we excel in vision, creativity and flexibility to identify the best candidate for a particular organization. And DN INTERNATIONAL NEPAL OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY assures of quality as far as the capability of a worker to handle a given job with full responsibility is concerned.

In other words, we will live up to Nepal ‘s rich time-honored history in foreign employment by every means . And that commitment is reflected in the company’s motto: To deliver the Right Solution at the Right Time at a Right Price .