Home to the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, Nepal is a land of diversity in terms of the people, geography, culture, religion, flora and fauna. Nepal covers 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq miles) and has a population of 26.6 million (NEPAL CENSUS 2010).

The economic development situation, social and cultural condition and industrial layout vary from place to place. Hence, keeping with the diversity, DN INTERNATIONAL NEPAL OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY P. (Ltd.) has established networks, recruited agents in most parts of the country so as to provide different pool of skilled and unskilled personnel.

Even otherwise, our staffs are well-trained in international labor affairs and are able to assist corporation in deciding on the most suitable candidate for recruitment.

Prospective candidates are screened through various levels of tests keeping in mind the foreign employment/recruitment trends. Personal behavior, motivation and the level of loyalty of the candidate are assessed in the due process so as to best serve the employer’s needs and interests.

Analyzing the aptitude and the distinct acumen of an individual, we provide best overseas HRD consultancy services aiming to match the right job with the right job seeker each and every time.

The candidates undergo an orientation, which is designed to familiarize the workers on the nature of the job, foreign culture, does and dont’s including basic labor rules and regulations of the country concerned.

The company has also instituted Medical Rescue Fund from the membership fee of the candidates who go overseas for work. In case they are declared medically unfit in a foreign country and have to return home, the candidate concerned will be given a refund in accordance with the company rule.

The novel scheme will assure workers and boost their confidence as and when they travel overseas for employment. In other words, the scheme will be very helpful if and when candidates face unforeseen situations.